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  Muppim Asa Darby
illustration of Asa Darby from The Virginians

Cotton Software's Word Games are based on ideas recorded in two notebooks by Muppim Asa Darby. The first of the many games he created he referred to it as "the blocks diversion." In his honor we call it Asa's Blocks.

Each player has nine cubes with letters on the faces. cube with letters

You slide and roll the cubes to bring them together so that the letters on top form words that are two or more letters long.

If the word is spelled correctly (and any cross words), you earn one point for each letter in the primary word and cross words. Then the faces of your cubes (not your opponent's) in the primary word (not cross words) are blanked; those letters have been used and can't be used again.

Each time you slide a cube your score is increased by one. Rolling a cube does not increase your score but it brings a different letter to the top each time you roll it.

The game ends when one player removes all of his or her letters from the board (that is, blanks all of his or her cubes) or there are four consecutive non-scoring moves (passing or misspelling). The player with the lowest score wins.

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