You move letters on the board connecting them to form a train in alphabetical order.

The Game Mode determines whether the train will be 26 (easy), 52 or 78 (difficult) letters long.

As the game progresses the train increases in length, making it more difficult to move it around. However, the number of empty squares also increases making it easier to access unconnected letters.

The A with the highlight box on it is the engine. At the beginning of a game it is located at the center of the board and is the connected color. All of the other letters are of the unconnected color.

You move the A pulling the train forward and pushing it backward using the directions keys. You can also move the train by click or tapping on the four direction buttons at the bottom right side of the main form.

Moving the A forward pulls each following letter to the position of the letter in front of it.

Moving the A backward, pushes each letter to the position of the letter behind it.

When you move the train backwards, the direction the last letter will take is determined by the last two letters of the train.

If the two last letters are in the same row the end of the train will move left or right.

If the last two letters are in the same column the end of the train will move up or down.

When backing up, the end of the train always moves in a straight line; you cannot back around corners.

You connect letters to the end of the train by backing the train into them.

Above pressing the right arrow-key moves the train backward to the right and the C bumps into the D.

There must be an empty space between the end of the train and the unconnected letter so that you can move the train backward against it.

When you connect a letter to the end of the train, its color changes to connected color.

At the beginning of the game the first A will connect to the first B when you bump into it from any direction.

In 52- and 78-letter Game Modes the Z at the end of the train connects to the second or third A.

Pressing the up arrow-key backs the train upward.

The E and D are in the same row so the end of the train moves horizontally to the left and bumps into and connects to the F.

You win when you have connected all 26, 52 or 78 letters.