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All letters are randomly placed on the board and you form words by sliding the tiles into position.

The letter pool is composed of 98 letters. There are no blank tiles in this game.

In 1-player mode 98 tiles are randomly drawn from the pool and randomly placed on the board. In 2-player mode 49 tiles are randomly drawn for each player and randomly placed on the board.

All empty squares are filled with blank tiles or barriers (depending upon Game Level) except for the center square which remains open.

You slide the tiles into position to form horizontal and vertical words crossword-fashion on the board. The barrier cannot be slid.

The words can be composed entirely of your tiles or include your opponent's tiles.

= 8 points

When Game Mode Easy is selected, a number appears on each tile showing the letter point value of each tile (A = 1, Q = 10, and so on).

= 5 points

When Game Mode Hard is selected, no numbers are shown and each tile is worth one point.

Each time you slide one or more tiles -- yours or blanks -- your score is decreased by one point.

After you form a word you check it and if it's in the current word list you are awarded points -- either (1) the sum of the letter points of each letter in the primary word and all cross words (Game Mode Easy) or (2) the sum of one point for each letter in the primary word and all cross words (Game Mode Hard).

Your goal is to achieve the highest score by removing all of your tiles from the board using the fewest number of slides as you can.

After you correctly check a word your tiles in the primary word (not cross-words) are removed from the board. Thus, as the game progresses, there are more and more empty squares which makes it much easier to move tiles.

After you form a word, if you choose the menu item "Help | Calculate Word's Points" the points for the play will be calculated for you.

When a player removes all of his or her tiles from the board, the game ends.

There is no bonus for being first. The player with the lowest score wins, not the first to clear the board.

If you play carefully more points will be added to your score for correctly checking words than are deducted for sliding tiles. That is, your final score will be positive.

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