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You race your opponent by forming a connected series of words from your Start square to your Stop square.

Click your mouse's left button when positioned over a tile to pick it up; the cursor will change to the letter on the tile. Click your mouse's left button when positioned over a blank square to drop a tile; the cursor will change to the default arrow cursor.

You do NOT have to hold the left mouse button down to drag a tile: just click to pick a tile up and click to put a tile down.

The letter pool is composed of 100 tiles -- 98 tiles with letters and 2 blank tiles which are "wild" and can be used as any letter. Tiles are randomly drawn from the pool to fill the trays at the beginning of a game and to refill the trays after each play.

game board

In Myles' Race you race from your start square on the left to your stop square on the right by forming a line of connected words.

game board

In 1-Player mode your goal is to reach your stop square using the fewest number of letters.

game board

The goal is to place connected words on the board so as to move from your Start square (left side) to your Stop square (right side) using as few tiles as possible. In 2-Player mode you also want to reach your Stop square before your opponent.

There are three board sizes: 15 x 15, 21 x 15 and 21 x 21.

On the first move you must play two or more tiles to form a word across your Start square horizontally or vertically.

After the first word is checked, you create new words by building on the tiles on the board. At least one of the new tiles you place on the board must horizontally or vertically touch one of your tiles already on the board.

There is no score in the traditional sense.

You receive no bonus for using all seven tiles in your tray to form a word (sometimes called a bingo).

If you place a word on the board and choose the menu item "Help | Calculate Word's Distance" the distance from the Stop square for the play will be calculated for you.

A game ends when one or both players cross their Stop squares.

Because it's a race both players should start at the same time, but they don't because the moves alternate and Player 1 goes first. Therefore:

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