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You are rewarded for playing long words and penalized for playing short words.

Click your mouse's left button when positioned over a tile to pick it up; the cursor will change to the letter on the tile. Click your mouse's left button when positioned over a blank square to drop a tile; the cursor will change to the default arrow cursor.

You do NOT have to hold the left mouse button down to drag a tile: just click to pick a tile up and click to put a tile down.

game board

The letter pool is composed of 100 tiles -- 98 tiles with letters and 2 blank tiles which are "wild" and can be used as any letter. Tiles are randomly drawn from the pool to fill the trays at the beginning of a game and to refill the trays after each play.

You use the letters in your tray to form horizontal and vertical words crossword-fashion on a 15 x 15 board.

The first word must consist of two or more tiles placed across the center square horizontally or vertically.

Sesquipedal rewards playing long words and penalizes playing short words.

The score for a valid word is the sum of (1) the letter-points of the primary word and all new cross-words and (2) the length-points of the primary word and all new cross-words. The combination of letter-points and length-points can result in a word earning negative points.

Word Length:                   1   2   3  4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14   15
Primary-word Length Points:    0 -15 -10  0  10  15  21  28  36  45  55  66  78  91  105
Cross-word Length Points:      0   0   0  0  10  15  21  28  36  45  55  66  78  91  105

Notice that 2-letter and 3-letter cross-words are not penalized as are primary words. This makes it possible to extend the length of words and abut words without being penalized for short cross-words.

game board 6 letter-points - 10 length-points = -4 points total

game board 7 letter-points + 0 length-points = 7 points total

game board 8 letter-points + 10 length-points = 18 points total

game board 15 letter-points + 21 length-points = 36 points total

game board

The primary word SO earns 2 letter-points and -15 length-points. The cross-word HEALS earns 8 letter-points and 10 length-points. Total points = 5 (2 -15 + 8 + 10). Adding S to HEAL to form HEALS would earn 18 total points, but by playing S and O to form SO it becomes the primary word and the total for the play is only 5 points.

You receive no bonus for using all seven tiles in your tray to form a word (sometimes called a bingo).

If you place a word on the board and choose the menu item "Help | Calculate Word's Points" the points for the play will be calculated for you.

At the end of the game penalty points equal to the letter-points of the tiles in each player's tray are subtracted from each player's score (if at least one scoring move has been made).

The player with the highest score at the end of a game is the winner.

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