Offensive Words

Cotton Word Games are played by people of all types and ages, including young people in homes and schools.

All Cotton Word Games (except Asa's Cubes and Anna's Train) have a Suggest page that can be used to list all of the words that can be formed using the letters on the board and/or the current player's tray.

When using the American and British word lists (with and without contractions), the list of suggested words may contain offensive words (obscene and vulgar words, racial epithets, etc.).

However, the two word lists General and General with Contractions are "safe."

That is, words that are only considered to be obscene or extremely vulgar (often used in cursing and swearing) have been excluded as have words that are only disparaging of a type of person or a class of persons (racial epithets, for example). Words that also have a non-obscene or non-disparaging meaning are included. Meaning frequently depends upon context.

We're aware that what's offensive to one person may not be to another. We do not support censorship, but the two General word lists contain more than 100,000 words -- enough to play an interesting and challenging game.

To use one of these lists click the menu items "Game | Word Lists..." and highlight "General" or "General with Contractions." Press the "OK" button.

The Middle English and Shakespeare word lists contain all of the words in their source works, including a few vulgar words.

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