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You can choose one of the nine word lists before a game has begun (before a move has been made) or after a game has finished, but not during a game. You can, however, see which word list is being used and how many words it contains.

You can also choose to play with the letters in the words in their usual forward order (cat, house, computer) or backward order (tac, esuoh, retupmoc). Forward words are formed rightward and downward; backwards words are formed leftward and upward. Playing with backwards words is more challenging.

It is common in word games to refer to "checking the spelling" of a word and to call a word that is not found in a word list (dictionary) "misspelled." Actually, when you check a word that you have formed on the board, it isn't the spelling of the word that is checked. Rather, the current word list is searched to determine if the word is in the list. If it is, the word is "spelled correctly"; if not, it is "misspelled." Because they are commonly used, in this help file terms such as "misspelled" and "spelled correctly" are used even though they don't accurately describe a word that is not found in a word list.

A word may be spelled correctly but not be in the current word list. For example, abedde is in only the Middle English word list. Bagpipe is in all the word lists but bagpipes is not in the Middle English or Shakespeare lists. Absolvable is in the British list but not the General or American list.

Therefore, only the words in the current word list are acceptable during a game.

The larger the word list the easier it is for the computer player because the it "knows" every word in the list including all the unusual and uncommon words.

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