Word Games Should Be Fun

You should enjoy playing Cotton Word Games. You should not be frustrated, depressed or angered. We have provided several ways to reduce the frustration level, to increase the fun factor, to make them more educational and to help you out when you are stuck for a word.

If you are playing against the computer player you can set its level so that it gives you a challenging game without beating you every time.

All Cotton Word Games (except Asa's Cubes and Anna's Train) have a Suggest page that can be used to list all of the words (and their values) that can be formed using the letters on the board and/or the current player's tray. Clicking on a word in the list places it on the board.

On the Search page you can determine whether a word you have come up with is in the current word list.

You can also use the Search page to get a list of words that fit a pattern using wild card characters. For example, searching for "h??t" finds all words that begin with "h" and end with "t" and have two letters in between and searching for "th*y" finds all words beginning with "th" and ending with "y" with one or more letters between.

There is no penalty for using the Search or Suggestions functions during a game, although the fact that you have used them is listed in the game record.

Of course, you do not have to use these functions and can rely completely on your own knowledge and skill.

Using these functions is not "cheating" which is breaking the rules. Before a game begins you (and your opponent) establish the rules regarding whether you can search and/or request suggestions. You might, for example, allow searching to determine whether a word is in the current word list but not allow suggestions or doing wild-card searches.