Cotton Solitaires Features

Cotton Solitaires includes 15 original solitaires (and variations) -- new solitaires based on new ideas:

It also includes more than 200 other solitaires.

Standard Deck

In addition to standard playing cards, it includes 3 other decks with letters and numbers.

A to M Deck

N to Z Deck

Decimal Deck

There are 3 card sizes and 21 cards backs.

There are graphical layouts for every solitaire are included in the choose-a-solitaire window and in the help file.

Hinting is available for every solitaire.

Several features can make learning letters, numbers and simple addition more interesting.

No Internet connection is needed to play. Download, install and play.

The game comes with a complete help file. No Internet connection is need to play or get help.

The game, its installer and our Web site are free of commercial advertising.

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