Cotton Word Game Features

With most of the word games you form words by arranging letter tiles on a 15x15 board. Asa's Blocks uses letter blocks and Myles' Race also has 15x21 and 21x21 boards.

You form words crossword-fashion on the board except with Jonson's Chain (you create a chain of interconnected words) and Dumpty Drop (you anagram letters in your tray).

Generally, the tiles are permanently fixed on the board. With Kinsey's Slide, Asa's Blocks, Anna's Train and Drudges Two you slide, roll or otherwise move the tiles/blocks on the board. With Hoodwink, Gutenberg's Sub and Dumpty Drop tiles can be captured or otherwise removed from the board. With Meum et Tuum ownership of tiles can switch from one player to the other.

With all games you can choose to play with any of nine word lists (330,000+ words total): Middle English, Shakespeare, Shakespeare with Contractions, British, British with Contractions, General, General with Contractions, American and American with Contractions.

The General word lists are suitable for students and children.

All games, except Early Word which is designed for beginners, can be played with the letters in the words in their usual forward order (cat, house, computer) or backward order (tac, esuoh, retupmoc).

The games can be played by a single human player, two human players or a human player against the computer (except Asa's Blocks, Anna's Train and Kinsey's Slide). The computer player has four levels of ability. Meum et Tuum does not have a single-player mode.

The tiles come in 4 sizes, 3 styles and 10 colors. All of the games use the same tile sets so you can use your favorite with all games (except Asa's Blocks which uses a blocks set). All games come with multiple tile/block sets. You can even modify the letters and numbers on the tiles and blocks (except for Early Word).

All games have a Search page that can be used to find words in the current words list -- for example, all words beginning with "pt", or ending with "kly" or starting with a vowel and ending with "ly." You can also use the Search page when doing crossword puzzles, creating palindromes and other activities.

All games (except Asa's Blocks and Anna's Train) have a Suggest page that can be used to list all of the words that can be formed using the letters on the board and/or the current player's tray. Thus, you can find the most valuable word or similar words of the same value. It can also help when you are unable to find a word to play.

Each game's Info page shows the count of each letter, its value, the number remaining and other useful information. Each game includes a letter counts and points table formatted for printing.

You can save a game and resume play at a later time. Thus, you do not have to complete a game in one sitting.

You can print the board and the game record during a game or after a game has been completed.

There are many general options that enable you to configure the games to your needs or preferences -- different tile sizes, styles and colors; different font sizes, colors, styles; tray positions and sorting; board color (with or without lines) -- and options specific to particular games.

The extra-large tiles/blocks and the options to set font sizes enables those with limited dexterity or vision to play.

All games use the same familiar Windows layout (menus, buttons, etc). Playing a different Cotton Word Game requires only learning its rules not a new, non-standard, graphical interface.

No Internet connection is needed to play any of the games. Download, install and play.

Each game comes with a complete help file. No Internet connection is need to play or get help.

Each game's help file includes several useful word lists (Q-words without U, all-vowel words, short Z words, and so on).

The word games, their installers and our Web site are free of commercial advertising.

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